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We specialise in producing realistic and non-realistic concept visualisations, the creation of highly detailed and accurate digital 3D models, projects range from, but not restricted to, products, transport and architecture.

Understanding technical plans can be difficult, so imagine being able to show your clients what your concept will look like in the real world before any expensive manufacturing even takes place. This is ideal when raising funds, design approval, development of marketing materials for brochures/websites/DVD's or even to aid in the design process itself, by being able to accurately visualise the concept, potential problems may be discovered and overcome.

In addition to creating highly realistic models we are able to produce animations and walkthroughs with audio/voice over to really bring your concept to life. These can range from web optimised sizes to full HD (1920x1080p) and larger.

Detail is paramount and we always love to add those extras to enhance the visualisation, whether it be those tiny rivets on the fuselage of a plane, to the surrounding environment of trees, roads, cars, people....

Prompt project completion is always important, which is why we have our own dedicated render farm setup. A render farm is multiple computers networked together allowing render times to be significantly reduced. This has it benefits when creating numerous large renderings or an animation, for example a 30 second video at 30fps adds up to 900 renderings.

We pride ourselves on delivering a professional and efficient design service. If you have any questions, would like to know more about any of our featured projects or get a quote for your own visualisation please don't hesitate to get in touch.

"This is my first job with Jonathan and he did an outstanding job with my project. He met everyone of my needs and more. I look forward to working with him again. thank you so much!"
Javier - A Warriors Wisdom LLC

"Jonathan was a pleasure to work with and I will be contacting his services in the future. Thank you again for a wonderful job!"
Alena - Zeo88
"This is my first time working with Jonathan and I'm very impressed by his work, professionalism, prompt communication and overall service value. He goes that extra mile which is very much appreciated. I'd definitely recommend his services to others and will be using his services again in the near future."
Andrew - iCube Solutions
"Jonathan came up with exactly what we wanted. His communication was great, was able to provide us with a finished product in a timely manner and was very professional the entire time. He did everything that we asked and was very willing to go over and above what was expected of him. Will definitely be using him for future projects."
Gabriel - cityseed
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